How to make a smoothie

Preparing a smoothie is actually very simple and anybody can do it. Below is a very simple step by step guide. You will need a blender, then according to the ingredients used, a kitchen knife or a scraper.

1. Choose fruits and vegetables

When preparing the smoothie one can sometimes feel bit confused while puting together the variety of unusual ingredients. You can really add anything that you want. From apples, bananas, carrots to those fruits and vegetables that will make your healthy drink green – spinach, cucumber, lettuce and so on.

2. Select the basis of your drink

Smoothie is usually not too thin and it needs to be diluted. I add water to most of my drinks – it seems to me like the most refreshing option. Often milk or yogurt are also added. You can also use a less common variant in the form of green tea or coconut or soy milk.

How to make a smoothie - step by step guide

3. Add a secret ingredient

Your mixed drink can be flavored with a lot of interesting ingredients. Personally, I find this part of the preparation the most interesting 🙂 A few seeds in fact can completely change the taste of the drink. E.g. wolfberry (goji) after pureeing in the drink makes a fine crunchy bits and makes drinking the smoothie funnier experience. You can also add some spices like vanilla or cinnamon.

4. Blend it until it is smooth

During my first experiments with smoothies, I kept the smoothie maker running only for a while and the result was quite dense, full of pieces of fruit. Over time, leave the blender running up two minutes and as a result I can enjoy a completely liquid beverage.

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